Marcus Thuram:门兴格拉德巴赫前锋因在Stefan Posch随地吐痰被禁赛五场

时间:2020-12-22 03:28:35

Borussia Monchengladbach forward Marcus Thuram has been banned for five games after he spat in the face of Hoffenheim defender Stefan Posch

门兴格拉德巴赫前锋马库斯·图拉姆(Marcus Thuram)在面对霍芬海姆后卫斯芬(Stefan Posch)吐口水后被禁赛五场

澳门航空Thuram was sent off after spitting at Posch during a confrontation between the pair in Monchengladbach"s 2-1 defeat on Saturday


The France international clashed off the ball with Posch and was dismissed after a VAR review upgraded his yellow card to red澳门航空

这位法国国脚与Posch发生冲突,在VAR审查将他的黄牌升级为红色后被解雇 澳门航空

Borussia Monchengladbach Marcus Thuram apologises for spitting at opponentYoussoufa Moukoko sets Bundesliga record in Dortmund lossThe German Football Association (DFB) say Thuram will serve a five-game ban immediately, with a sixth suspended until December 21 next year, and have handed the striker a fine of 40,000 euros (36,600)

德国门兴格拉德巴赫马库斯·图拉姆向对手吐口水道歉尤索法·穆科科在多特蒙德惨败中创下德甲联赛纪录德国足球协会(DFB)表示,图拉姆将立即禁赛5场,第六禁赛将持续到明年12月21日,并已向前锋罚款 40,000欧元(36,600)

Thuram, 23, apologised on Saturday and said he would "accept all the consequences" of his actions


Writing on social media, Thuram said: "Today something took place that is not in my character and must never happen


"I reacted to an opponent in a wrong way and something occurred accidentally and not intentionally


"I apologize to everyone, to Stefan Posch, to my opponents, to my teammates, to my family and to all those who saw my reaction


"Of course, I accept all the consequences of my gesture." Thuram"s ban is a major blow to Monchengladbach"s hopes of qualifying for the Champions League for a second consecutive season

“当然,我接受我的姿态带来的所有后果。” 图拉姆的禁令对门兴格拉德巴赫连续第二个赛季获得欧洲冠军联赛的希望造成了重大打击

Saturday"s defeat to Hoffenheim left them eighth in the Bundesliga, six points outside the top four after 13 matches



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