Mikel Arteta:阿森纳老板说球员受伤,但坚持认为最近的失败后气氛是好的

时间:2020-12-21 19:52:35

Mikel Arteta has dismissed suggestions of discord within the Arsenal dressing room but accepts the players are "hurting" after defeat at Everton on Saturday left them 15th in the Premier League

Mikel Arteta否认了在阿森纳更衣室里出现不和的建议,但接受球员在周六埃弗顿击败后“受伤”的消息,使他们在英超联赛中排名第15

The Gunners have now won only one of their last 10 league matches and sit just four points above the relegation zone


But Arteta insists everyone in the dressing room "wants more", even if he admits that not all those at the club may be united


"The atmosphere at the club is as good as it can be when we are all hurting," he said


"Results in the Premier League are hurting and everybody is worried and everybody is suffering at the moment


qq四人斗地主单机版We want much more and we are working to get much more


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to miss Carabao Cup quarter-final with injuryEverton move second after piling more misery on ArsenalMikel Arteta"s first year as Arsenal boss "In the dressing room, when you are losing football matches, it"s difficult

皮埃尔·埃默里克·奥巴梅扬(Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)受伤受伤错过了卡拉宝杯(Carabao Cup)四分之一决赛

They suffer as well because they care, they want more, the confidence level starts to go


But the unity is there


"Is there 100-per-cent unity around the club? It"s impossible in any club, even when you win, because players that are not participating is always more difficult." Although they topped their Europa League group and face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday - live on - Arsenal"s troubling league form means Arteta is now the bookmakers" favourite to be the next top-flight manager to be sacked

“俱乐部周围是否有100%的团结?在任何俱乐部,即使您获胜,这都是不可能的,因为不参加比赛的球员总是更加困难。” 尽管他们在周二的卡拉宝杯四分之一决赛中高居欧联杯冠军并面对曼城-继续直播-阿森纳令人不安的联赛形式意味着阿泰塔现在是庄家的最爱,成为下一届被解雇的顶级经纪人

But the Spaniard, in his first managerial role after working as part of Pep Guardiola"s staff at City, says he is not feeling any pressure from those inside the club

但是,在担任瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)在曼城工作的一部分之后,西班牙人首次担任管理职务时说,他并没有感到俱乐部内部人士承受任何压力。

He said: "Within the club, everything I"m feeling is just support, encouragement and total confidence that we are going to get through this together


"Externally, I never read what is happening


I know more or less what is happening but I never read in beautiful moments and don"t read in difficult moments


I just try to focus on the job and what I have to do


"But obviously a club of this stature deserves the best, and when it"s not happening, everybody is going to question what is happening


I"m the most responsible one in terms of result, so I have to accept that." How to beat Arsenal is obvious"We need to generate more to win football matches," said Arteta after the 2-1 defeat to Everton


That much is clear but how are Arsenal planning to do that? Their Goodison Park defeat on Saturday was more of the same from a team languishing towards the bottom of the tableqq四人斗地主单机版

这很清楚,但是阿森纳计划如何做到这一点? 他们的周六在古迪逊公园(Goodison Park)的失败,与一支逐渐逼近桌底的球队大体相同 qq四人斗地主单机版

Ten games have yielded one win and Arteta cannot argue that his team have been unfortunate, not now


qq四人斗地主单机版This is no false position; this is a poor Premier League team

qq四人斗地主单机版这不是虚假的立场。 这是一支贫穷的英超球队

The problems are apparent and, perhaps even more worryingly, they are familiar


Arsenal do not create chances from open play, let alone score them, and that sluggish approach play is beginning to appear as if it is by design


"Everton have just let them have the ball," said Jamie Carragher, on co-commentary for

“埃弗顿让他们拥有了球,”杰米·卡拉格(Jamie Carragher)在对

"The same as at Tottenham - let Arsenal have the ball and what can they do? They create nothing


"When a team drop off and they are winning, it is up to you then to create chances, not keep the ballqq四人斗地主单机版

“当一支球队退役并获胜时,这取决于您,然后创造机会,而不是保持稳定 qq四人斗地主单机版

Possession means nothing then - it is about what you create


The competition is not who keeps the ball the most


Everton are winning, they have dropped off


What can you create? "I cannot think of anything in this second half where Arsenal have created a chance that they should have scored or the goalkeeper has made a great save

你能创造什么? “在下半场,我无法想到阿森纳创造了他们应该得分的机会,或者守门员大获全胜。

That is the name of the game."



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