Ole Gunnar Solskjaer:曼联上司保罗·鲍格巴斯(Paul Pogbas)的上司,向质疑者和面对利兹的消息

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he will continue to manage Manchester United his way as he reaches two years in charge of the club

奥莱·冈纳·索尔斯克亚(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer)表示,当他掌管俱乐部两年时,他将继续以自己的方式管理曼联

The Norwegian first took temporary charge of United on December 19, 2018, and Sunday"s match at home to Leeds, live on , will fall a day after his two-year anniversary at Old Trafford


Speaking exclusively to News, Solskjaer - whose position was made permanent in March 2019 - said he is thriving under the pressure that comes with the United role as he looks to improve on his side"s third-place finish last season and bounce back from their Champions League group-stage exit

索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)仅在新闻中发表讲话-他的职位于2019年3月被永久任命-表示他在曼联角色所带来的压力下蒸蒸日上,因为他希望在上赛季提高自己球队的第三名成绩并从冠军联赛中反弹 小组退出

When asked if he had a message for those who still doubted him, Solskjer said: "I"ll do it the way I"ve always done it anyway, and if they doubt, they doubt, and if they don"t, they don"t

当被问及是否对仍然怀疑他的人有信息时,索尔斯克说:“我会以我一贯做到的方式来做,如果他们怀疑,他们会怀疑,如果不是,他们会拒绝 t

We as a coaching staff and as a team with the players, we believe in what we"re doing


Hits and misses: Are Man Utd title contenders?Sheffield United 2-3 Man United - Match report and highlightsPremier League table | Premier League fixtures"We have a belief

得失:曼联冠军争夺者?谢菲尔德联2-3曼联-比赛报告并突出显示英超联赛表格| 英超联赛灯具“我们有一个信念

Whatever anyone else thinks about me or the team, it"s not really my business


If teams come to Old Trafford with more or less respect, it"s a game we have to take on and have to perform at our best level." On the pressure of managing United, having come under constant scrutiny during his time in charge, Solskjaer added: "That"s this chair, this place, this club, that"s the pressure we want

如果球队以或多或少的敬意来到老特拉福德,那是我们必须承担的比赛,并且必须达到我们的最佳水平。”在管理曼联的压力下,在其掌管期间一直受到严格审查,索尔斯克亚补充道 :“那是椅子,这个地方,这个俱乐部,这就是我们想要的压力

We want to push on


I don"t like to go back into this, but the average position in the six years after Sir Alex left was fifth


"Last season we got up to third, it"s an improvement but it"s not where we want to be


We have to push on, I feel the squad is getting stronger, I"ve got more and more headaches over leaving players out


But it"s still not enough." Solskjaer also addressed whether he believes he is an angrier manager this season: "Sometimes you"re angry, sometimes you"re calm


It depends on our attitude, you cannot be angry with players who have the right attitude


"I was an angry player at times, I enjoy feeling that anger at times全球股市市值排名

“我有时候是个生气的球员,有时我会感到生气 全球股市市值排名

That pressure, I like that, you thrive on that


That"s a privilege, just imagine life with no pressure


That must be mundane." "I like to prove points


I"m just doing my job the way I should do it." Solskjaer"s Pogba "delight" Paul Pogba was widely praised for his performance in the 3-2 win at Sheffield United on Thursday night, and while his agent Mino Raiola has said the player wants to leave Old Trafford, Solskjaer could only speak of his delight with the Frenchman"s attitude on the pitch and in training

Solskjaer的Pogba“欢欣鼓舞” Paul Pogba因在周四晚上的谢菲尔德联3-2胜中的表现而广受赞誉,而他的经纪人Mino Raiola表示:“我正在按照自己的方式做我的工作。” 球员想离开老特拉福德,索尔斯克亚只能用法国人在球场和训练中的态度来表达他的喜悦

"Paul, he wants to play, he wants to train, he enjoys football, he wants success, he"s ambitious, so when he"s on the pitch and on the training field I see a boy who enjoys his football," Solskjaer said


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