加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate):英格兰经理承认患有老年痴呆症

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England boss Gareth Southgate admits he is concerned about the prospect of suffering from dementia as a result of his 18-year playing career

英格兰老板加雷斯·索斯盖特(Gareth Southgate)承认,他担心自己18年的职业生涯可能会导致痴呆症

The 50-year-old former centre-back, who won 57 England caps, says he "headed a lot of footballs" during spells with Crystal Palace, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough


Former Manchester United and England great, Sir Bobby Charlton, was recently diagnosed with dementia


Four of Charlton"s team-mates in England"s 1966 World Cup-winning line-up who have died over the last two and a half years - his brother Jack, Ray Wilson, Martin Peters and Nobby Stiles - were also suffering from dementia

查尔顿(Charlton)在英格兰1966年世界杯冠军阵容中的四个队友在过去的两年半中去世,他的兄弟杰克(Jack),雷·威尔逊(Ray Wilson),马丁·彼得斯(Martin Peters)和诺比·斯蒂尔斯(Nobby Stiles)也都患有痴呆症。

Sir Bobby Charlton diagnosed with dementiaFA/PFA study reveals link between football and dementia"Of course at my age, having headed a lot of footballs, I do have concerns," Southgate said ahead of England"s friendly international against Republic of Ireland on Thursday night

鲍比·查尔顿爵士被诊断出患有痴呆症FA / PFA研究揭示了足球与痴呆症之间的联系:“当然,在我这个年龄,曾参加过很多足球比赛,我确实对此表示担忧。”索斯盖特在周四晚上对阵爱尔兰共和国的英格兰国际友谊赛前说

"But I also recognised that whenever I took the field I was taking that risk of injury, short or long term and I knew that, and I would always have wanted to have the career and the opportunity to play, even if it meant longer-term that there might be physical issues for myself or health issues


"Most athletes would go that way, I think


That"s not to undermine the situation, by the way


"In terms of the link, there is research going on


That"s a little bit inconclusive at the moment, which is a bit frustrating for everybody because we"d love to have a clear solution


pt论坛"And so of course it"s a concern for everybody and we have to keep supporting that research


Part of the issue with dementia is age and one of the positives of being involved in sport is that people tend to live longer, they"re healthier, they live longer


"And so there"s a possibility that that could be part of the link with the dementia as well


"Unfortunately we don"t have all the answers we"d like at the moment


I know some of that work is going on in the backgroundpt论坛


"But yes, do I have concerns? Of course I do


I"ve had people in my own family who"ve suffered with dementia and it"s a terrible, terrible illness." A study, led by consultant neuropathologist Dr Willie Stewart of Glasgow University and published in 2019, revealed that former footballers are approximately three-and-a-half times more likely to die from neurodegenerative disease than the general population

我自己的家人患有痴呆症,这是一种可怕的可怕疾病。”由格拉斯哥大学的神经病理学家顾问Dr. Willie Stewart博士领导并于2019年发表的一项研究表明,前足球运动员大约有三岁,与普通人群相比,死于神经退行性疾病的可能性高一半

The report, commissioned by the FA and the PFA, assessed the medical records of 7,676 men who played professional football between 1900 and 1976


Their records were matched against more than 23,000 individuals from the general population


The study"s findings came 17 years after former England and West Brom striker Jeff Astle died at the age of 59 with what a coroner described as an "industrial injury"

这项研究的发现是在前英格兰和西布朗前锋杰夫·阿斯图尔(Jeff Astle)于59岁去世后的17年,死因被验尸官称为“工业伤害”。


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