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Real Madrid laid down a marker in the La Liga title race as they won 3-1 at Barcelona in the first Clasico of the season


Fede Valverde gave Real the dream start with a fifth-minute strike, before Ansu Fati became the youngest ever scorer in this fixture just three minutes later from close range

Fede Valverde在第五分钟的罢工让Real梦想开始,而Ansu Fati在距离近距离三分钟后成为该装置中最年轻的得分手

Match stats | How the teams lined upLa Liga news | Results | Fixtures | TableAll " offers for the seasonBut Sergio Ramos converted a 63rd-minute penalty that he won after VAR intervened, before Luka Modric rounded off a deserved victory in the final seconds of normal time with the calmest of finishes

比赛统计|富国天瑞基金球队如何排队结果治具| TableAll提供了本赛季的报价,但Sergio Ramos在VAR介入后转换了他第63分钟的罚球,然后Luka Modric在正常时间的最后几秒以最平静的成绩取得了当之无愧的胜利

In an entertaining game, Thibaut Courtois was alert to deny Lionel Messi before half-time but Barca remain 10th and are six points behind Real with a game in hand


How Real bounced back to beat BarcaAfter a nightmare week for Zinedine Zidane, Real started the clash in the best way possible


Karim Benzema"s through-ball was perfect for Valverde, who took advantage of lackadaisical Barca defending and finished beyond Neto

卡里姆·本泽马(Karim Benzema)的通球非常适合瓦尔韦德(Valverde),后者利用缺乏狂热的巴萨防守并超越内托完成

But that joy was short-lived as Barca sliced through the Real defence with their first attack


Jordi Alba bent his run perfectly to beat the offside trap and carried the ball into the box, where he squared for Fati who had a simple finish

乔迪·阿尔巴(Jordi Alba)完美地弯腰,击败越位陷阱,将球带入禁区,在那里他为法蒂(Fati)取得了简单的成绩

Philippe Coutinho and Messi had already tried their luck from range when Messi saw Courtois produce a moment of magic after 24 minutes

菲利普·库蒂尼奥(Philippe Coutinho)和梅西(Messi)已经尝试了运气,原因是梅西(Mossi)在24分钟后看到考图瓦(Courtois)产生了魔力

The Argentine used deft feet to beat Ramos in the box and fired in a shot to the near post with his right foot


Courtois was alert and threw himself across the goal to push the ball away


The game was being played at a frantic pace and Real went straight up the other end to create a chance of their own


Benzema saw his low effort pushed away by Neto after Kroos had found him 15 yards out from goal


It was Barca who looked most likely to take the lead after half-time


Fati dragged a low shot just wide of Courtois" right-hand post, before Coutinho failed to hit the target with a header at the back post - Fati again the creator for the hosts


And they were made to pay for those misses on the hour-mark


Ramos theatrically threw himself to the floor in the box as Kroos" free-kick drifted out for a goal-kick


It looked to be a dive in real time but replays showed Clement Lenglet had pulled his shirt

看来是实时下潜,但重播显示Clement Lenglet拔了他的衬衫

After consulting VAR and the screen by the side of the pitch, referee Juan Martinez Munuera changed his decision and pointed to the spot

在咨询了VAR和场地旁的掩护之后,裁判员Juan Martinez Munuera改变了决定并指出了该地点。

Ramos made no mistake from the 12 yards


Despite Barca pressing for an equaliser, it was Real who continued to create the better chances


Toni Kroos saw a Neto double save keep him at bay, while Ramos met a deep cross with a fierce volley which was brilliantly kept out by the foot of the keeper

托尼·克罗斯(Toni Kroos)看到内托(Neto)的两次扑救使他陷入困境,而拉莫斯(Ramos)面对深十字,激烈的凌空抽射被门将脚挡出

Modric made sure of the three points with the calmest of finishes in the final minute of stoppage time


Neto smothered the ball at Vinicius" feet but it fell to sub Rodrygo, who squared it for Modric


The Croat rounded Neto, before taking his time and finishing between two defenders guarding the line with the outside of his boot


It was a deserved victory for Real, who put behind their difficulties against Cadiz and Shakhtar Donestk to produce a perfect away display


Barca were bright in spells, but question marks will be asked over Ronald Koeman"s reluctance to make substitutes earlier

巴萨的咒语很聪明,但由于罗纳德·科曼(Ronald Koeman)不愿提早替代,所以会问问号


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