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The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) has written to clubs asking for views on possible contingency plans that may be needed if the Covid-19 pandemic causes further disruption


The SPFL board has issued a questionnaire to all 42 clubs as they seek to avoid a potential repeat of last season, when the season was halted early in somewhat contentious circumstances


The SPFL said: "The questionnaire is designed to assist the recommendation of a possible resolution to member clubs, which would give the board authority to deal with any further Covid-19 related disruption to the current season


"A previous "board powers" resolution was rejected in July 2020, but several clubs who voted against the resolution have now indicated that they have changed their position." SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: "When the SPFL rules were drawn up many years ago, no one could have foreseen the impact which Covid-19 would have on our game

“先前的"董事会权力"决议于2020年7月被拒绝,但一些对该决议投反对票的俱乐部现在表明他们已经改变了立场。” SPFL首席执行官Neil Doncaster表示:“许多年前制定SPFL规则时,没有人能预见到Covid-19对我们游戏的影响

"The fact that our rules did not expressly cover the situation where a season must be curtailed with a number of matches remaining to be played, caused a great deal of uncertainty and delay in reaching a resolution last season


"No one wants to see that repeated


"Many of our clubs support the principle of drawing up a set of protocols long before we get to the situation where league positions understandably influence the individual approach of clubs to these difficult situations


"However, the proposal to allow the board a clearly specified and limited degree of authority to take action if we are unable to complete the season did not have sufficient support in the summer


"Given the ongoing challenges caused to sport worldwide by Covid-19, several clubs have now indicated they have changed their position


"The board wishes to establish if a sufficient number of clubs now wish to revisit this issue, so we can significantly reduce the uncertainty and division that arose towards the end of last season."



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