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Manchester United’s move for Jadon Sancho has stalled


澳门机场To find out what is really going on behind the scenes, you have to look at the deal from three different points of view - Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund and the player and his representatives


The view from..


Manchester UnitedManchester United are not giving up on trying to sign Sancho despite the fact that they missed the Monday deadline Borussia Dortmund set for the deal to be done


Man Utd won"t give up on SanchoMan Utd transfer rumoursThat was an artificial deadline set by Dortmund


In an ideal world, it would have suited Dortmund to have Sancho"s future sorted out by the time they flew out for their pre-season training camp in Switzerland


Sancho is still United"s No 1 target this summer and as far as they are concerned the window is open for almost another two months


There is no need for United to press the panic button澳门机场


As far as they are aware they are the only club who are trying to sign Sancho and he wants to move to Old Trafford


They are frustrated at the way things have turned out so far but it is still early days in the window and United have time on their side


United are still in the Europa League and they are well within their rights to wait until that competition is over before they put in an official offer for Sancho


Transfer Centre LIVE!Paper talk - latest headlinesFootball transfer rumoursAlthough United have been in contact with the two agents Dortmund want them to deal with, they have made little progress so far


Talks have centred around the fee, the payment structure, personal terms and agent fees


There are mixed messages as far as personal terms and wages are concerned


United insist they will not pay over the odds even though Sancho is not believed to be asking for higher wages than other players with a similar profile


澳门机场United have let it be known that they will not pay Dortmund"s in England they say he is playing poker." The view from..


Jadon SanchoIt is no secret that Sancho would like to come back to the Premier League澳门机场

Jadon Sancho Sancho想回到英超联赛已经不是什么秘密了澳门机场

He feels he has unfinished business in England because he did not get the chance to prove himself at Manchester City


Sancho has friends at United and now is the perfect time for him to come home


He wanted to move to a club who were in the Champions League and United finishing third last month was another box ticked for Sancho


It would suit United if Sancho started agitating for a move but there is no sign that is going to happen


If Sancho came out and said he wanted to leave or if he put in a transfer request United would be in a stronger position


There is no indication that is something Sancho is planning on doing


After all, he can hardly be expected to agitate for a move when United have not made an offer for him


Without an offer, there is no chance of Sancho rocking the boat or in time-honoured fashion, developing a mysterious "back injury" which would prevent him from training or playing in pre-season friendlies for his current employers


Sancho will keep his head down and keep working hard


He wants to move to United but another season with Dortmund and another season in the Champions League is not the end of the world


He knows he is only 20 and all the biggest clubs in the world are watching him closely


If a United move does not materialise this summer, then Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool would all come into play next summer


And that will be a summer in which Sancho will be showing the world just how good he is in the Euros with England澳门机场


Summer transfer window - key dates and timesThe summer transfer window will run for 10 weeks from July 27 and close at 11pm on October 5


A domestic-only window for trades between the Premier League and EFL then runs from October 5 and closes on Friday October 16 at 5pm


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