加里·内维尔(Gary Neville):阿森纳看上去很无聊,米克尔·阿特塔(Mikel Arteta)需要让他们再次娱乐

时间:2020-12-22 20:08:51

Gary Neville believes everything is going wrong at the same time at Arsenal, but says Mikel Arteta should start the fix by making them entertaining again

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)认为阿森纳(Asenal)同时出现了所有问题,但米克尔·阿塔塔(Mikel Arteta)应该通过让他们重新娱乐来开始修复

Arsenal"s 2-1 defeat by Everton on Saturday leaves them on just 14 points from 14 games, their worst record at this stage of a campaign since 1974/75


Arteta celebrated a year in charge at the club on Sunday with a record of five defeats and two draws in their last seven Premier League games


In the latest Gary Neville Podcast, the pundit says Arsenal"s players look bored and methodical, and insists the first step to recovery should be ensuring the players start to love their football again顺丰app下载

权威人士在最新的加里·内维尔播客中说,阿森纳的球员看起来无聊而有条理,并坚持认为康复的第一步应该是确保球员重新开始热爱足球。 顺丰app下载

Download the Gary Neville Podcast on: Spotify | Apple | Castbox | Spreaker First step for Arteta: Entertain again I think Mikel Arteta has to do one thing in the next few weeks: results may not come, performances may not come, but he"s got to make those Arsenal players look like they are enjoying themselves

在以下位置下载Gary Neville播客:Spotify | 苹果| Castbox | Spreaker Arteta的第一步:再次娱乐我认为Mikel Arteta在接下来的几周内必须做一件事:结果可能不会出现,表演可能不会出现,但是他必须让那些阿森纳球员看起来像他们在享受自己

At the moment, they don"t look like they are enjoying themselves


On Saturday they looked like a bunch of players struggling and toiling with how they"d been asked to play, maybe they didn"t believe in the system, or maybe they don"t believe the players next to them are good enough


Something is not right


Arsenal v Man City preview: Jesus a doubt for QFArteta"s Arsenal stats: Spurs only had 7% chance of beating usArteta: Pep has been incredibly supportiveAlthough I didn"t look like I enjoyed my football, because I was always really serious on the pitch, I did love playing in this Sir Alex Ferguson team

阿森纳对曼城的预览:耶稣对QFArteta的阿森纳统计数据表示怀疑:马刺只有7%的机会击败我们阿塔塔:佩普一直以来都非常支持我,尽管我看上去并不喜欢我的足球,因为我在球场上总是非常认真, 我很喜欢在亚历克斯·弗格森爵士队中踢球

It was a thrill, we would go forward and were committed


Arteta has got to get those players buying into this again, the idea of going onto the pitch and having that enjoyment, love and thrill for football


Wenger"s teams always had that


This Arteta team looks more rigid, solid, but it"s a bit boring


I used to say at Old Trafford, you can win, you can lose, but you can"t be bored coming to Old Trafford

我曾经在老特拉福德(Old Trafford)说过,您可以赢,您可以输,但是对老特拉福德(New Trafford)可以不感到无聊

I think Arsenal fans, and most football fans, are the same


They won"t accept being bored


To me, the Arsenal players look bored, and the football they"re producing looks like a real struggle


How to beat Arsenal is obviousArteta: Arsenal had no luck in Everton lossEverything going wrong at the same time I don"t think they"ll get relegated


The fact we"re even discussing that though is a real problem


We know what has happened at Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson left, the challenge when someone has been there for so long, and we knew when Arsene Wenger left there would be a transition period and transformation period, that would take some time


顺丰app下载Unai Emery didn"t work, even though I stand by what I said at the time, he"s a great coach

顺丰app下载Unai Emery没有工作,即使我坚持我当时所说的,他还是一位出色的教练

There are elements of what happened at Manchester United, happening now at Arsenal


I think Mikel Arteta has demonstrated that he can coach a team and get them organised, but something isn"t right, and you can"t put your finger on it

我认为Mikel Arteta已证明他可以指导团队并组织他们,但是有些事情是不对的,而且您不能全力以赴

Get | Get a PassArsenal fixturesYou end up saying: is it the coach? The recruitment? But when you get results like they are getting you end up blaming all of it, because it"s probably all true

取得| 获得PassArsenal装置您最终会说:是教练吗? 招聘? 但是,当您获得类似结果的结果时,您最终都应归咎于所有这些,因为这可能都是真的

There"s an element of it all just going wrong at the same time


Towards the end of the Wenger reign, there was massive criticism of him


People accused the club of becoming stale, of him becoming stale, they were getting sick of just qualifying for the top four, or sitting just outside the top four


But the football was still pretty good


You still thought when you went to watch Arsenal that you"d see good football


But now, the football is really bad


They"re not good to watch


At Leeds a few weeks ago they were turgid, and watching them against Everton, it was methodical, but not Arsenal


Because we"re used to Arsenal being that free spirit for many, many years, playing good combinations, good passes, interchanging, now it just looks very drab


How to beat Arsenal is obviousAnalysis by " Adam Bate: "We need to generate more to win football matches," said Mikel Arteta afterwards

击败阿森纳的方式很明显"亚当·贝特(Adam Bate)的分析:“我们需要赢得更多才能赢得足球比赛。”

That much is clear but how are Arsenal planning to do that? Their 2-1 defeat to Everton at Goodison Park on Saturday was more of the same from a team languishing towards the bottom of the table

这很清楚,但是阿森纳计划如何做到这一点? 他们在周六在古迪逊公园2-1击败埃弗顿的情况与一支逐渐逼近桌底的球队大体相同

Ten games have yielded one win and Arteta cannot argue that his team have been unfortunate


Not now


This is no false position, this is a poor Premier League team


The problems are apparent and, perhaps even more worryingly, they are familiar


Arsenal do not create chances from open play let alone score them and that sluggish approach play is beginning to appear as if it is by design


Have Arsenal been unlucky?Analysis by " Adam Smith: Looking at Arsenal"s last five games, Arsenal registered more shots than the opposition in just two, while analysing the expected goals in those games also shows that Arsenal were second-best against Wolves and Southampton, and only narrowly ahead of Burnley

亚当·史密斯(Adam Smith)所做的分析:纵观阿森纳的最后五场比赛,阿森纳在两场比赛中的投篮命中率超过对手,而分析这些比赛的预期进球也表明,阿森纳在对阵狼队和南安普敦的比赛中排名第二, 并且仅在伯恩利之前

They also beat West Ham earlier in the season with a vastly inferior xG - 1.11 to West Ham"s 2.8 - and beat Manchester United at Old Trafford with a notable disparity - Man Utd were 1.04 to Arsenal"s 0.4


They did, however, lose at Liverpool despite registering an xG of 2.71 to 1.26, and at Manchester City with 1.3 to City"s 0.9



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