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Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool clicked and "wore their finishing boots" during their 7-0 demolition of Crystal Palace, while a despondent Roy Hodgson was left "humiliated"一哥娱乐玩

于尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)说,在利物浦7-0拆除水晶宫期间,利物浦单击并“穿上了他们的整理靴子”,而沮丧的罗伊·霍奇森则被“羞辱”了。 一哥娱乐玩

It was a rampant Liverpool performance at Selhurst Park as they won on the road for the first time in five games

这是利物浦在塞尔赫斯特公园(Selhurst Park)表现出色的比赛,这是他们五场比赛中首次获胜

Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah both scored twice, while Takumi Minamino netted his first Premier League goal

罗伯托·菲尔米诺(Roberto Firmino)和穆罕默德·萨拉(Mohamed Salah)均得分两次,而南野拓(Takumi Minamino)则打入了自己的第一个英超联赛进球

The victory will see Klopp"s side top of the league at Christmas for the third season in a row, currently leading by six points ahead of the weekend"s remaining fixtures


Speaking to BT Sport, Klopp praised his side for keeping their concentration, saying: "It was hard work as well [as ruthless finishing]

克洛普(Klopp)在接受BT Sport采访时赞扬了他保持专注的一面,他说:“ [艰苦的工作[以及无情的完成]也很辛苦]

We had a lot of calm in the moments


They had their moments, 100 per cent, but our finishing in the first half was really clinical


Crystal Palace 0-7 Liverpool - Report and free match highlightsHow the teams lined up | Match stats"I"m not thinking the game is finished at half-time

利物浦水晶宫(Crystal Palace)0-7利物浦-报告和免费比赛要点球队如何排列| 比赛统计信息:“我不认为比赛在半场结束

We had to stay concentrated


That was the challenge


We controlled the game and scored wonderful goals


"It clicked today


The boys should be really proud." He added in his press conference: "Everything is pleasing, everything is good about this game


一哥娱乐玩Overcoming the difficult problems in the first half with [their] counter-attacks, fighting really hard to avoid a goal there and then on the other side, really top football, top finishing


"The boys did really well, it was really difficult to play against us today, I would say


And then today they obviously all wore their finishing boots it looked like, and when you have that it is really tricky


That"s the reason for the result


"That didn"t happen for us before and unfortunately it will not happen a lot, but it"s a funny season - we lost 7-2 and now we won 7-0, so at least we could cancel out a little bit the goal difference." Klopp: All good with Mane, chance to rotate with Salah Although he scored twice, Salah did start the game on the bench, coming on in the 57th minute to replace Sadio Mane - who scored Liverpool"s second and assisted Minamino"s opener - but he did not look too happy to be substituted just before a free-kick

“这对我们来说从来没有发生过,不幸的是,这不会发生很多,但这是一个有趣的赛季-我们输了7-2,现在我们赢了7-0,所以至少我们可以抵消一点进球差 。” 克洛普(Klopp):满满是鬃毛,有机会与萨拉(Salah)一起旋转尽管他得分两次,但萨拉确实在板凳上开始比赛,在第57分钟取代萨迪奥·曼恩(Sadio Mane),后者获得了利物浦的第二个进球,并协助Minamino的揭幕战-但他没有 看起来太高兴了,无法在任意球之前被替换

Klopp told BT Sport: "Mane was not angry because Mo was coming on

克洛普告诉《 BT体育》:“曼恩并不生气,因为莫来了

He was not happy because he had a look at the watch and he didn"t stay on until after the free-kick


After the game it was completely fine


It"s all good." Speaking about Salah later in his press conference, Klopp added: "It"s just the first time for a while that we have the opportunity to do something like this


We played Sunday-Wednesday, so we needed fresh legs today..


Mo played the last four games, so a massively intense period


So it was clear it will be him [to be named among the substitutes]


"Then usually you would expect in a game like this against Crystal Palace - the results recently between us and them were always pretty tight - so bringing him on in the last half an hour, I thought it"s a good idea


We did that, by the way, but it was not exactly the scenario we would have expected." Hodgson: We are humiliated by the result It was an afternoon to forget to Crystal Palace, though, as they conceded seven goals in a home match for the first time in their entire history and it was a game that Hodgson could not find the positives in

顺便说一句,我们做到了,但这并不是我们所期望的。”霍奇森:结果让我们感到羞愧。尽管如此,他们还是忘记了水晶宫,因为他们在主场比赛中失掉了七个进球,这是一个下午。 这是他们整个历史上的第一次,这是霍奇森在游戏中找不到积极之处的游戏

He said: "We"re humiliated by the result, there"s no question of that


We take it very badly and most of us in the dressing room have not been on the end of a 7-0 defeat before so it"s a new experience


"Quite frankly, I can"t think of anything positive to say at all


一哥娱乐玩We just have to come over it, there"s no point on dwelling on it any longer than we really have to, we have to learn some lessons from it and I"m sure we will


Premier League table | Top scorers | Fixtures | ResultsLive football on | December PL picks: All the games on Sky"I don"t know that there was any vast difference [between Tottenham last weekend and Liverpool on Saturday] in our attitude, desire, our wanting to do well

英超联赛表| 最佳射手| 治具| 结果直播足球| 12月PL精选:天空上的所有比赛”我不知道[上周末热刺和周六利物浦之间]我们的态度,愿望和我们想要做的很好。

We were 3-0 down at half time and came out in the second half trying hard to get that goal back to give us some hope, but they got it instead


As a result, you really do have a mountain to climb then and we couldn"t climb it


"There"s no magic wand


The players have got to come to terms with it, we"ve got to go home and accept that this has happened to us, it"s something we didn"t want to happen and we are very devastated by the fact that it has happened


"Then on Tuesday, we"ve got to find a way of learning a lesson from it and making certain that any of the things we have done today that have definitely got to be changed, get changed and also to learn a few lessons on how Liverpool play the game because we"re more than capable of doing some of the things they do

“然后在星期二,我们必须找到一种方法来从中汲取教训,并确定我们今天所做的任何事情肯定都必须改变,改变,并且还要学习一些有关如何 利物浦之所以参加比赛,是因为我们有能力做他们做的一些事情

I"m sure we"ll be thinking about that." "That result had been coming" Liverpool scored three first-half goals from three shots on target and captain Jordan Henderson said he felt the result had been coming


"I thought we were ruthless today," he told BT Sport


"We took our chances which is always important, dominated the game for large periods


I still thought we were a little bit sloppy at times


But overall I think we"ve got to say we"re delighted with the performance and the result because we know how difficult it is to come here


"I thought it was coming because over the last few weeks we haven"t really been as ruthless in front of goal as we would have liked." Liverpool"s dominance in numbersLiverpool registered eight shots on target at Crystal Palace, and scored with seven of them.Liverpool registered an away top-flight win by a margin of seven goals for the first time in their history, while it was their first seven-goal league victory since a 9-0 win over Crystal Palace in September 1989.Crystal Palace conceded seven goals in a home match for the first time in their entire history.This was Jurgen Klopp"s 127th victory as Liverpool boss in the Premier League, overtaking Rafael Benitez (126) as the Reds boss with the most wins in Premier League history.All seven of Liverpool"s goals were assisted by different players (Mane, Firmino, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold, Salah, Matip & Oxlade-Chamberlain), the first time in Premier League history seven different players have assisted a goal for a team in a match

“我以为这是要来的,因为在过去的几周里,我们在实现目标之前并没有像我们想要的那样残酷无情。” 利物浦在数字上的优势利物浦在水晶宫(Crystal Palace)射门命中8球,其中7球得分。利物浦有史以来首次以7个进球晋级客场冠军,这是他们的第7个进球。 自1989年9月以9比0击败水晶宫以来,联赛冠军。水晶宫历史上首次主场比赛失球7个进球,这是尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)作为利物浦老板在英超联赛中的第127次胜利,超越拉斐尔·贝尼特斯(Rafael Benitez) 利物浦(126)作为英超联赛历史上获胜最多的红军老板。利物浦的所有七个进球都是由不同球员(曼恩,菲尔米诺,罗伯逊,亚历山大·阿诺德,萨拉赫,马蒂普和奥克斯拉德·钱伯伦)协助完成的 英超联赛的历史七名不同的球员曾协助球队打入一球


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