英超联赛的来龙去脉:存在的曼城危机吗? 对Kai Havertz的关注

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Are City facing existential crisis?At this stage of the season, despite having two wins from five Premier League games and sitting five points off the leaders Tottenham and champions Liverpool, Manchester City"s struggles with form, fatigue and consistency are understandable, after all, this is a campaign like no other

曼城面临着生存危机吗?在本赛季的这一阶段,尽管曼联在五场英超联赛中取得了两场胜利,并且与托特纳姆热刺队和冠军利物浦的比赛相距五分,但曼彻斯特城在形式,疲劳和稳定性方面的挣扎毕竟是可以理解的 是一场与众不同的运动

But there"s more to stuttering City than meets the eye, a trend that has gathered pace with each passing game this season that they may not be the formidable hurdle they once were, or at least one opposing teams now know how to confront


Almost all of the hallmarks of Pep Guardiola"s City remain; the relentless pressure, precise passing and dominance of possession and territory, but the most crucial one - goals - is missing

瓜迪奥拉城的几乎所有标志都保留着。 所有权和领地的无情压力,精确传球和支配地位,但最关键的目标-目标-缺失了

The 1-1 draw with relegation-threatened West Brom, and the failure to convert a host of late, gilt-edge chances saw two more vital points dropped and left City with a measly return of 18 goals from their first 12 games

1-1被平局威胁的西布罗姆(West Brom)扳平了比分,而未能转换许多迟来的镀金边缘机会,又失去了两个关键点,使曼城在前12场比赛中仅有18个进球

Aston Villa, Everton, West Ham, Southampton and Leicester are among the 10 clubs to have scored more


With Gabriel Jesus firing a blank in his last five Premier League games and Sergio Aguero"s league goal drought stretching as far back as January - yes, January - Guardiola"s City project and philosophy may be facing an existential crisis


They can dominate as much as they want, but as long as their troubles in front of goal continue, the heights they hit not so long ago will continue to be agonisingly beyond reach.Jack Wilkinson Man City 1-1 West Brom - Report and free match highlightsBilic"s Baggies show stomach for the fight When relegation looms, clubs are faced with decisions that could either pay off or worsen the predicament they find themselves in

他们可以控制自己想要的一切,但是只要他们在进球门前的麻烦继续存在,不久前他们所达到的高度就将继续令人难以抗拒。杰克·威尔金森曼城1-1西布朗-报告和免费 Bilic的Baggies展现了战斗的胃力当降级迫在眉睫时,俱乐部面临的决定可能会还清或恶化他们所处的困境

In the case of West Brom, they stand on the precipice of a decision - should they stick with Slaven Bilic or not? It"s a decision that could see their season go either way

就西布朗(West Brom)而言,他们站在决定的悬崖上–他们是否应该坚持Slaven Bilic? 这是一个决定,无论他们的赛季如何

Had Tuesday"s trip to the Etihad followed the form book, few eyebrows would have been raised had reports, which claimed the Croatian would become the first managerial causality of the season, came to fruition


They still might, with speculation surrounding the Baggies boss" future even after his side had ended a 13-game losing streak against Manchester City with a tenacious, resilient and deserved 1-1 draw


Not for the first time this season Bilic"s Baggies showed they can mix it with the very best in the division, but, unlike their near misses against Tottenham and Manchester United, on this occasion they came away with something to show for it


If it does prove to be Bilic"s final chapter, a performance reminiscent of the steely determination that brought the Baggies back to the big time only five months not only acts as a parting gift but leaves a seed of doubt as to whether the club are taking the right course of action

如果确实证明这是比利奇的最后一章,那场比赛的表现让人想起了坚定的决心,使巴格吉人重返赛场,仅仅五个月不但成为分手的礼物,而且还使人怀疑俱乐部是否会接受 正确的行动方针

I guess only time will tell.Jack Wilkinson Live football on | Get Premier League table | Fixtures | Results" 2 for 1 channel offerHavertz"s form is a worry for Chelsea Kai Havertz is too good at football not to come good

我想只有时间会证明一切。 获取英超联赛表| 治具| 结果的2换1频道报价哈弗兹的状态令切尔西·凯·哈维兹(Chel Havertz)太擅长足球而不是出色

There are too many expert judges who reckon him the next big thing in football


Too many wise old heads who tipped this young German for greatness even before he became one of the best players in the Bundesliga


These are also legitimate reasons why Havertz needs time but it doesn"t solve the problems facing Frank Lampard as he sets about picking his next team after back-to-back defeats


Wolves 2-1 Chelsea - Report and free match highlightsHavertz turned in another underwhelming performance as Chelsea followed their 1-0 weekend defeat to Everton with a 2-1 reverse against Wolves at Molineux


The 17-game unbeaten run feels a long time ago now


Title hopes have been deflated in just days阿根廷足球风暴

冠军希望在短短几天内就消失了 阿根廷足球风暴

It is not immediately obvious what Havertz is bringing to this team


His work was tidy enough but there was little hint of an end product in the final third and he was playing too far up the field to really help provide support to Kante in controlling the counter-attacks


He is a player still working out where he fits in this team


READ THE FULL FEATURE ON HAVERTZ"S FORM Podence and Neto shine for Wolves Speaking to the media after Wolves" stoppage-time victory over Chelsea at Molineux, Nuno Espirito Santo was determined to treat the two imposters the same

阅读HAVERTZ格式的全部功能Podence和Neto对狼队充满了光芒在狼队在莫林内克斯(Molineux)击败切尔西的补时阶段胜利后向媒体发表讲话,Nuno Espirito Santo决心将两个冒名顶替者一视同仁

His team had been on the receiving end of a late winner against Aston Villa at the same ground on Saturday


He made it clear that he saw just as many good things in that game as he did in this one


Nevertheless, this was a mood changer


Wolves have been so settled in their system and personnel over the previous two seasons that the recent change of shape coupled with player sales and injuries have led to greater uncertainty of late


The return to a back three and the return to taking a top-six team down a peg or two will settle supporter nerves


Much has been made of Diogo Jota"s strong start to life at Liverpool but here was a reminder that in Daniel Podence and Pedro Neto, there was a good reason why Jota"s place in the side was no longer guaranteed

迪奥戈·乔塔(Diogo Jota)在利物浦的强大起步已经做出了很多,但这提醒我们,在丹尼尔·波登斯(Daniel Podence)和佩德罗·内托(Pedro Neto)中,有充分的理由为什么不再保证乔塔在球队的位置

Podence was a joy to watch and Neto decisive


Asked to provide more end product in the absence of Raul Jimenez, this was a stunning response


But more than that, it was fun阿根廷足球风暴

不仅如此,这很有趣 阿根廷足球风暴

Neto with his direct running, Podence with his nutmegs and drag-backs, this was the sort of night that supporters at Molineux would have loved to witness up close


Circumstances prevented that but at least there is renewed confidence now that, when they do return, there will still be a Wolves team well worth watching.Adam Bate



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