塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero):曼城前锋在西布朗(Brom)之前面临健身测试,瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)预计赛季将进入新阶段

时间:2020-12-14 23:24:51

Sergio Aguero faces a late fitness test ahead of Manchester City"s game against West Brom on Tuesday, as Pep Guardiola says the Premier League fixture calendar"s next phase should now benefit teams involved in Europe

塞尔吉奥·阿奎罗(Sergio Aguero)在周二曼彻斯特城对阵西布朗的比赛前面临后期体能测试,因为瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)表示,英超联赛赛程的下一阶段现在应该使参与欧洲比赛的球队受益

Guardiola will decide on Tuesday morning whether Aguero is fit to face West Brom later in the day after he returned to training on Monday


Aguero was due to make his return from injury in Saturday"s goalless Manchester derby against United but instead missed the game due to gastroenteritis


What"s happened to Man City"s attack?Man Utd 0-0 Man City highlightsChelsea get Atletico, Liverpool face RB Leipzig in CL last 16"Today he was training but in the last two or three days he could not train so we will decide tomorrow," Guardiola said

曼联的进攻是怎么回事?曼联0-0曼城的亮点切尔西在最后16场比赛中击败了利物浦的马竞,利物浦面对莱比锡。 瓜迪奥拉说

"New phase of fixtures will even out PL playing field"The Man City manager believes the "new phase" of the Premier League fixture calendar, which sees all teams play midweek games until February due to the break in European competition, should benefit City and other sides involved in the Champions League and Europa League

曼城经理认为,英超联赛赛程的“新阶段”将使英超联赛赛程进入新的阶段,由于欧洲比赛的中断,所有球队都将在周中进行比赛,直到2月为止。 参与冠军联赛和欧罗巴联赛的其他方面

Guardiola feels those teams have so far played the campaign under "different conditions" and may benefit from a more level playing field




I completely agree," he replied when asked if he thinks Man City"s fortunes could improve over the coming weeks


"In the Premier League so far the teams in Europe play in different conditions to the others and now everyone plays the same amount of games until February


We are lucky, of course, to play in Europe but now is the time to play games


"In my experience, every season we play the Champions League to the latter stages so I am used to playing more part of the season with less recovery than the others


"We accept because it means you are playing in the bigger stages


Right now with how it happened all around the world the recovery doesn"t matter as much." "Laporte has to stay ready" Guardiola said Eric Garcia and Oleksandr Zinchenko remain sidelined but he otherwise has a fully-fit squad to choose from

现在,对于世界各地的情况而言,复苏已无济于事。”“拉波特必须时刻准备着。”瓜迪奥拉说,埃里克·加西亚和Oleksandr Zinchenko都处于观望状态,但他有一个完全合适的阵容可供选择。

One key decision could come at the back, with Aymeric Laporte having not started a Premier League game since November 21 due in large part to the return of John Stones, who has helped City keep a string of clean sheets

一个重大决定可能会在后面做出,艾美·拉波特(Aymeric Laporte)自11月21日以来就没有开始过英超联赛比赛,这在很大程度上归因于约翰·斯通斯(John Stones)的回归,约翰·斯通斯(John Stones)帮助曼城保持了一系列干净的床单

"It depends on performances and John is performing well, that is why he is playing," Guardiola said


"But there are a lot of games and everyone has to be ready


Maybe they are not playing much but around the corner they may have a chance and they have to be ready."



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