尼杜姆·奥诺哈(Nedum Onuoha)说,PSG和Basaksehirs在涉嫌种族主义可以赋予他人权力后退出

时间:2020-12-12 11:34:44

Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir players walking off in their Champions League fixture due to alleged racism by a match official can empower teams worldwide to stand up to abuse, says Nedum Onuoha天下足球疯狂的足球

内杜姆·奥诺哈(Nedum Onuoha)说,由于一名比赛官员涉嫌种族主义,巴黎圣日耳曼队和伊斯坦布尔巴萨克希尔队的球员因参加欧洲冠军联赛而种族歧视 天下足球疯狂的足球

The game at the Parc des Princes was stopped early in the first half on Tuesday after the fourth official, Sebastian Coltescu, was accused of using racist language towards Basaksehir assistant coach, Pierre Webo

第四名官员塞巴斯蒂安·科尔特斯库(Sebastian Coltescu)被指控对巴萨谢希尔助理教练皮埃尔·韦伯(Pierre Webo)使用种族主义语言后,周二上半场早些时候,在王子公园举行的比赛被停止

Players and coaches from both sides left the field and did not return, leaving the game to be completed 24 hours later, with an entirely new set of match officials


Ahead of the match on Wednesday - which PSG eventually won 5-1 - players from both teams knelt together and carried anti-racism messages on their shirts during the warm-up


PSG "very confident" of extending Neymar, Kylian Mbappe dealsPSG and Basaksehir unite against racismJose Mourinho: Walk-off iconic in fight against racism Speaking to News, Onuoha - who chose to take the knee while playing for Real Salt Lake in the 2020 MLS season - said he supported the actions of PSG and Basaksehir, and believes they can set an example to others

PSG对扩展Neymar,Kylian Mbappe的交易充满信心 -说他支持PSG和Basaksehir的行动,并相信他们可以为他人树立榜样

天下足球疯狂的足球"It"s that show of unity, to show that this isn"t something they are willing to accept," the former Manchester City defender said


"If I was somebody who was abused and I told my team-mates or my coaching staff that was the case, then I expect the biggest reaction


"We should be in a society where stuff like that just isn"t acceptable


The fact it wasn"t just the coach who walked off - it was both sets of players, both sets of staff - made a very, very clear statement


"It"s a shame that we"re in a place where people have to think "is this the right thing to do?" But if they can do it at that sort of level, there should be a belief that you can do it absolutely everywhere

“令人遗憾的是,我们处于人们不得不思考"这是正确的做法吗?"的地方。” 但是,如果他们能够在这种水平上做到这一点,就应该相信您绝对可以在任何地方做到这一点

"The more people that do take a stand - and the more teams that do take a stand - I think the sooner we"ll be in a position where things are just that little bit better." "Millwall and QPR players showed unity" Onuoha was also encouraged by the stance taken by Millwall and QPR players before their Championship fixture at The Den on Tuesday, just days after the home team"s players were booed by their own fans for kneeling

“确实有更多的人站出来,而更多的团队也要站出来,我认为我们越早会处于情况会好一点的位置。” “米尔沃尔和QPR球员表现出团结一致”奥诺哈也受到了米尔沃尔和QPR球员在周二在丹(Den)举行锦标赛冠军赛之前的立场的鼓舞,就在几天之后,主队的球员因自己的球迷跪下而嘘嘘。

天下足球疯狂的足球Players from both clubs linked arms and displayed an anti-racism banner before the game and, while Millwall"s players did not kneel, the QPR XI and match officials chose to do so

天下足球疯狂的足球两家具乐部的球员都在比赛前联手,并展示了反种族主义的旗帜,而米尔沃尔的球员没有下跪,QPR XI和比赛官员选择了这样做。

But when asked if the decision by Millwall"s players to not take a knee is a victory for those who oppose the Black Lives Matter movement, Onuoha disagreed, saying: "No, I wouldn"t necessarily say that


"The choice to kneel or stand is always going to be down to the individual player


Personally I would have knelt


I knelt in the MLS for this past year, which was not seen too greatly by lots of people over there


"But the way football goes sometimes, you just need to show unity


When they unify with each other to deliver the message that they want to, it doesn"t make that much of a difference whether they kneel or stand - as long as the intent is still there."



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