加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)分析了南安普顿双打后曼联在比赛中的位置

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Gary Neville has explained where Edinson Cavani remains "the best" in the game after he led Manchester United to a last-gasp comeback win at Southampton安卓游戏破解

加里·内维尔(Gary Neville)解释了爱丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)在带领曼联队在南安普敦(Southampton)的最后一次复出胜利后仍然在比赛中保持“最佳”的位置安卓游戏破解

The 33-year-old striker"s signing came in for criticism after he made only seven starts for PSG in Ligue 1 last season, but Cavani has already scored three times for his new club since signing on Transfer Deadline Day - including a crucial double from the bench in their 3-2 win at St Mary"s on Sunday


Both of the 6ft Uruguayan"s goals came from headers with Southampton unable to deal with the movement of the experienced forward, something Neville feels still holds him up as one of the best in the world game as an attacking threat


The ex-Manchester United full-back talked Monday Night Football through the technique behind Cavani"s double which give United three Premier League wins in a row


All " offers for the new seasonHow Edinson Cavani turned it round for Man UtdGet | Premier League tableGOAL! Southampton 2-2 Manchester United (Cavani, 74)"It"s interesting pointing out on this goal

新赛季的所有报价爱丁森·卡瓦尼(Edinson Cavani)如何为曼联(Man UtdGet)转过身|英超联赛目标!南安普敦2-2曼联(Cavani,74)

Cavani starts there, he"s one of the best and has been for years


We played against him with England, making that run in and around the near post安卓游戏破解


He does it all the time


"He"s always there, making that movement across defenders


It comes out to the edge of the box and (Bruno) Fernandes, and Manchester United have got four players in this area, but the one on the move is the goalscorer - the one with the instinct


"At this point, you"re thinking it"s game on, and he really fancied it." Why are Man Utd better away from home?Has Solskjaer found Donny van de Beek solution?Man Utd resolve stirs Ole memoriesGOAL! Southampton 2-3 Manchester United (Cavani, 90+2)"As this ball went wide yesterday, and I"m on the gantry, Cavani"s always going to go in there

“在这一点上,您认为它正在发挥作用,他真的很喜欢它。”为什么曼联会更好地离开家?索尔斯克亚找到了Donny van de Beek解决方案?曼联决心解决了奥莱记忆的目标!南安普敦2-3曼联(卡瓦尼,90 + 2)“昨天球传得很宽,而我在龙门架上,卡瓦尼总是要去那里

You can"t believe Southampton, two or three players who could"ve dealt with that, they haven"t gone body to body, man to man, managed his run and as he runs in there, I think he"s one of the very best at that


"(Patrick) Bamford does it very well, I"m not putting them in the same level; Cavani"s been at the top for the last five or six years, but you can tell teams that have got strikers that do that


Sir Alex Ferguson used to say it all the time


The striker must get across the near post to take the first defender away, who likes to cement themselves at the near post, but also to affect the goalkeeper


He"s the best at it." Here"s one he made earlier..."I"m not alerting clubs to something they don"t already know; I mentioned about his near-post runs


This is his first touch in English football at Chelsea in October


"He goes across to the near post which he will do every single time, whether you can stop it or not is a problem


"As it comes out, he goes back out, resets himself and is back in."



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